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Stainless Steel

Alloy Characteristics
303 NOT FOR SHEET METAL. For use in automatic machining applications (screws). Corrosion resistant to atmospheric exposures, sterilizing solutions, most organic and many inorganic chemicals; most dyes, nitric acid and foods.
304 The most widely used of the stainless steel and heat resisting steels. Offers good corrosion resistance to many chemical corrodents as well as industrial atmospheres. Has very good formability and can be readily welded by all common methods. ASTM A240 Cold rolled, annealed and pickled. Finishes: 2B, #3, and #4.
316 Better corrosion and pitting resistance as well as higher strength at elevated temperatures than T304. Used for pumps, valves, textile and chemical equipment, pulp & paper and marine applications. ASTM A240 Cold rolled, annealed and pickled. Finishes 2B, #3, and #4.
410 Heat-treatable stainless used widely where corrosion resistance is not severe (air, fresh water, some chemicals). Frequently used in cutlery. This series is martensitic (magnetic). ASTM A240 Hot rolled, annealed and pickled. Finishes: Dull

Stainless Steel Thickness Tolerances

During the rolling process that produces the sheet stock, a certain amount of "bowing" occurs in the rollers. This results in the sheet being slightly thinner at the edges than at the center of the sheet.  
Thickness 36" Sheet 48" Sheet
.017-.030 .0015 .002
.031-.041 .002 .003
.042-.059 .003 .004
.060-.073 .003 .0045
.074-.084 .004 .0055
.085-.099 .004 .006
.100-.115 .005 .007
.116-.131 .005 .075
.132-.146 .006 .009
.147-.187 .007 .0109

Stainless Steel Sheet Surface Finishes

Sheet Stock from the rolling mill is available in several finishes. To protect the finish, a static adhering PVC film may be applied. DSM normally handles "2B bare" and grains or polishes the part after all perforation is completed.
Finish Description
#1 Hot Rolled, Annealed and Pickeled
#2D Dull Cold Rolled, Annealed and Pickled
#2B Bright Cold Rolled, Annealed and Pickled
#3 Grained 100-120 Grit
#4 Grained 150-180 Grit
BA Bright Annealed – Highly Effective