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Cutting Edge Equipment

We Have The Technology To Meet Your Needs


LMC FAB has the equipment necessary to handle your most demanding projects. We have the Flexibility and Precision of CNC Laser, Turret Punches, Routers, Plasma Cutting and Beveling. LMC FAB’s high speed Laser can handle 5' x 16' sheet size (with one reposition) and a +- .004 repeatability. Our versatile Turret Punches can handle up to 11 gauge stainless steel and gives you a cost effective way to produce sheet metal parts. Our Messer Titan III with an 8’ x 20’ bed can handle up to 2” steel. With the addition of our 5 Axis Delta Rotator, we can bevel up to 1½” steel from 45 to -45 degrees. Click here to see the available bevel profiles that you can utilize for your weld prep on plates and sheets. And finally, our Accupress Shear with programmable back gauge can handle ¼” carbon steel sheets up to 12’ with ease. 
We employ a wide range of Press Brake options that we can tailor to your project needs. Our 350 Ton Accupress with a 12’ bed allows us to form up to ½” Steel x 10’ long. We have the tonnage to brake thicker depending on length. Please feel free to contact us and talk about your Cutting and Forming needs.
Please see our complete list of CNC Cutting Equipment, as well as our Other Available Equipment


Bevel Cutting a Tank Head with 400XD Messer Titan III Demonstration